Cover.jpgCancer still strikes fear in all of us. For so many cancer is associated with ‘The End’ or at least the beginning of a ‘battle’ or ‘fight for life’. We hear all the time of important people ‘losing the battle’ or how they ‘bravely fought it’. How they ‘battled to The End’. Possibilities of cures are discussed often in a way that will enable us to carry on just as before.


On realising that cancer was in my life I began to ask myself how I could change things, how I could help myself? We all have choices in the way we live and how we accept treatment. We can participate and give help to those caring for us.

This has been a journey full of revelations about myself and others, many of whom I would not have had the good fortune to meet but for cancer. I have been to the edge of that dark abyss, I have looked over, climbed in and had a good look around. Having faced every scenario of a life threatening situation I have gently come through having taken responsibility for my health and experienced the freedom of my own mortality. It became clear that the quality of my life was more important than longevity. Apart from all the doctors and nurses offering their help there is so much we can do to help our situation, whatever the prognosis.