Visiting U.S.A  as executor of estate.

American Commissions, Clients and Collectors

Community/ Charity Arts Projects in U.K.  include


2017  Continuing to visit U.S.A. Also preparing for Street Gallery at

UCLH Euston Road, London 2018

2016  “All Our Hearts Beat As One”, Gallery Different, Exhibition and Auction

2012  To 2017  Executor Of American West Coast Artist John Nelson Battenberg

2014  Appointed member of The International Society Of Critical Health Psychology

2013  Installation and Presentation For The International Society Of Critical Health

Psychology, Bradford University

2013  Installation and Pecha Kucha Presentation for British Psychological Society

2013  Guest Curator of “Battenberg And Osborne” Exhibition, The Temp Gallery,

Sacramento, California

2013  “The Art Of Living With Cancer”, Installation And Presentation, Leeds University

2012  Diagnosed With And Began Treatment For A Recurrence Of Cancer

2009  Moved To A Converted Tanning Factory In Central Ipswich

2010  Created And Begun Creating The Never Ending Mural, Ipswich

2011  Continued NEM Installation, Workshops etc, Raising Money To Fascitate

Purchase Of Ipswich Art School Gallery

2011  Curator Of The Never Ending Mural Exhibition At The Ipswich Art School Gallery

2007  Publication of “How Cancer Saved My Life” By

Began A Continuous And Developing 10 year Programme Of Touring Exhibitions

Installations And Presentations In Hospital Galleries, Art Centres, Universities,

Public And Private Galleries

1997  Diagnosed With And Began Treatment For Cancer

1995  Returned to London From Living And Working On Hartley Farm Gloucestershire,

For Five Years